Visual Artists
New records:
– Joyfully Waiting - the Disc
– and two LPs of the Contrechamps | Speckled Toshe series.
Galaxia Wang | Sandar Tun Tun | Seth Price | Chino Amobi | RM | Soraya Lutangu Bonaventure & Mohamed Almusibli | Jan Vorisek | Arttu Palmio | Marion Neumann | Jim Fletcher | Jeanne Graff | Aline Zeltner | The Operator & Stanislav Iordanov | L'Acte pur - Andreas Hochuli & Tristan Lavoyer

A sort of time capsule organised by Joyfully Waiting / Nathalie Rebholz
with text by Jazmina Figueroa
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THE BOTANICAL SPEEDBOAT EXPERIENCE INEVITABLE Concept by Parker Williams, John Armleder and Speckled Toshe. A selection of texts by Parker Williams was set to music and interpreted by Claire Michel de Haas.
Cover Art: Individually painted covers by John Armleder. 225 numbered and signed copies with 12 pages booklet containing the lyrics.
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FURNICA Concept, field recording and composition by Olga Kokcharova
Vinyl, 12”, one-sided,
Screen printed, 12-page, multi-folded cover on grass cardboard designed and printed by Giuseppe de Giacomi
Accompanying text by Pali Meursault. (in E and F)
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L'APPÉTENCE Concept, mix and composition by Anne Le Troter
Two longer pieces developed for an audio installation and transformed by the artist into a version for this record. 'L'appétence' was realised in collaboration with the asmr artists: Final Asmr, Made In France Asmr, Miel Asmr, Mr Discrait, Sandra Relaxation Asmr, The French Whisperer.
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STAIRCASE MYSTERY Concept, texts and voice by Karl Holmqvist
Recorded at Centre d’art contemporain (A1, A2), Genève and in Karl Holmqvist’s studio in Berlin (B1, B2)
Cover by Karl Holmqvist
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JE D'EAU A disk published on the occasion of Hannah Weinberger’s exhibition we didn’t want to leave at the Centre d’Art Contemporain, Genève
Composition: Hannah Weinberger
Voices: Hannah Weinberger, originally recorded as soundtrack for the film “Oceano de Amor” by Alexa Karolinski & Ingo Niermann
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Vimbayi Kaziboni, direction
Ensemble Contrechamps
Orchestre de la Haute école
de musique de Genève

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pour trois ensembles:

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info about the Contrechamps|Speckled-Toshe series

About Speckled Toshe SPECKLED TOSHE Speckled Toshe was founded in 2019 as a record label (as a sub-label of activeRat) that produces vinyls directly with visual artists or in collaboration with selected curators. The underlying idea of the project is to make sound-based artworks available on a durable medium and to complement these carefully edited records with selected texts, usually written specifically for the project. We strive to realise objects whose production steps – mastering, lacquer cut, pressing – are worked out individually with selected specialists in direct personal exchange, and to give the accompanying elements of cover, booklet and accompanying text of the record the value they deserve.
Our ambition is to create a series of artist editions of high artistic and editorial value. A series of vinyl records produced as part of the research project 'A-Sides' conducted at HEAD-Geneva formed the basis for this series.
Usually about two LPs per year are released in the series curated by Yann Chateigné and Laurent Schmid.

In 2023 we joined forces with the Ensemble Contrechamps and realise LPs in the series 'Contrechamps|Speckled-Toshe'. Find here more info about it.
Contact You can contact us at Speckled Toshe by e-mail (contact@speckled-toshe.ch) or via activerat.org (where you can also buy our records online).

Speckled Toshe
c/o activeRat
Postgasshalde 31
3011 Bern
15, rue de Vermont
1203 Genève

Parker Williams – The Botanical Speedboat Experience Inevitable Olga Kokcharova - Furnica Joyfully Waiting - The Disc Anne Le Troter - L'appétence x Karl Holmqvist - Staircase Mystery Hannah Weinberger - Je D'Eau Contrechamps - 22 Miniatures en hommage à Eric Gaudibert Contrechamps - Benoit Moreau - Les mortes about us more about the 'Contrechamps|Speckled-Toshe' series